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Ryarc Campaign Manager

Ryarc CampaignManager provides an end-to-end media distribution and management platform which is easy to use, yet provides enterprise-level tools and scalability to enterprise networks and service provider networks of any size from managing a single screen to thousands of screens at an affordable cost. It offers a single platform to distribute, schedule, monitor and manage content to Digital Signage networks which can also be extended to Audio networks and Screensavers simultaneously or separately depending on your requirements.

the campaign manager is compatible with all common media formats, has one of the most powerful scheduling engines available, and is network agnostic which allows clients to deploy it over any type of network be it LAN, Internet, VPN, VSAT (Satellite Multicast), GPRS, etc. campaign manager comes with a host of features designed to minimize downtime, eliminate site visits, and improve overall manageability of your network with advanced monitoring, remote management, and preemptive action tools. Some of the innovative features include local screen content control via mobile APP, user-interactivity with mobile devices, in-built QR Code integration, Support for Touch Screen, On-Demand and Dynamic Data-driven content, XML, RSS, and Social Media feeds.


Ryarc CampaignManager is being used by some of the leading organizations across a wide variety of industries around the globe to manage their digital signage networks.

  • Multiuser Platform

  • All Standard Media Formats

  • Video, Flash, Images, Web

  • Text and RSS Tickers

  • Dynamic Data-Driven Content

  • Interactive Content

  • Grouping and Categorization

  • Powerful scheduling

  • Multi-tenancy Platform

  • Stretch Content across Screen

  • Central Monitoring and Control

  • Mobile device interactivity

  • Inbuilt Security features

  • Inbuilt QR Code functionality

ryarc campigan mnager banner.jpg

Ryarc Dappler

We understand that In-store radio and corporate Audio management software needs to be simple enough to use so that your staff can get what they need to be done quickly and without drama. At the same time, we understand that managing audio and software is not a trivial task. the campaign manager is stacked with powerful and well thought out features that ensure your job in managing an audio network via Doppler players is as painless as it can be.


You can build playlists with audio content as required be it music, advertising messages, announcements, promotions, audio-on-demand, audio integrated with QR


codes, or any audio content, it can all be scheduled to playback at targeted devices at the click of a button. No need to worry about network dropouts as the Doppler player maintains a content library to reduce network traffic and ensures continuous playback during disconnection. Once published, your audio content will keep playing as per schedule even if your network drops out. Doppler also supports advanced categorization allowing scheduling and targeting of playback devices according to demographic information, size of the store, time, revenue per store, or any other business rule you would like to associate with your network.


campaign manager and Doppler players are designed and priced to work with your business – no matter how big or small, be it a single speaker or many thousands, the flexibility of the software allows you to start small and grow as your network grows nationally or internationally.


Doppler is trusted by some of the world’s largest retailers to manage their in-store and corporate audio.


  • Crystal Clear Playback

  • Intuitive playlist creation

  • Preview before publish

  • Multi-user platform

  • Multi-tenancy platform

  • Manage multiple players

  • Powerful scheduling

  • Proactive Automatic Monitoring

  • Network agnostic

  • Supports MP3, WMA, WAV

  • Set user permissions

  • Online content libraries

  • High-level security

  • A Tried and Tested platform

ryarc campigan mnager banner.jpg

Ryarc Zusa

Corporate Communications are important yet very hard to deliver with all the ‘noise’ and distractions an employee has to deal with daily. By having a communication channel that cuts through the noise and delivers your message to each employee you are increasing the chances of being heard. Email is lost with the other one hundred daily jobs but an entertaining and visual message delivered to the staff on their own screensaver is much better received.


Deploying Zusa can refresh your corporate communications by allowing you to quickly and easily deliver timely, engaging content to the employee down the hall, or the other side of the world with a click of a button. With easy to use interface and an intuitive categorization engine, you can tailor content for each division in your organization, increasing the relevancy and efficacy of your communications. Content can be updated and delivered in moments, either to your local area, to your offices around the globe, or anywhere in-between. the campaign manager is simple to operate so announcements can be published by any staff member and no special training is required. Built-in security makes it easy to assign roles to users whilst ensuring the integrity of the published content.


Zusa screensaver solution can be used for virtually every business application that has staff working at a computer screen. All companies have messages to deliver, announcements to make, products to promote, and training to conduct, and a corporate communication based on the Ryarc Zusa screensaver solution is an ideal way to deliver this through. Retail, Financial Services, Education, Hospitality, Transport,

Government, Entertainment, Healthcare, Leisure, and Corporate to name a few are all applications that can greatly benefit from implementing corporate communication-based screensaver.


Ryarc Zusa screensaver solution is used by many blue-chip organizations around the world.

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