Non-Contact Temperature Detection KIOSK



> Humanization sleek & smart design
> Since the outbreak of the new corona virus in 2020, body temperature detection has become a necessary means to identify and prevent viral infections. Handheld infrared thermometers make it a short distance between humans, slow speeds, no records to check and require a large number of staff.
> The traditional infrared temperature measuring gun requires a persons to operate at close range. Using the face recognition temperature measurement access control device can save manpower reduce contact, avoid cross infection. it can replace fingerprint attendance and reduce infection. When employees complete measurement, the records will be uploaded to central server and kept for report analytics.
> Face recognition access control equipment can detect body temperature, which is more efficient and safe. the detection distance of 0.5-1.5 meters avoids the risk of personal contact and transmission.
> 8-inch PS full view LCD display
> Industrial appearance, waterproof and dust proof design, stable and reliable.
> Supports 3W face database. The accuracy rate is 98.3 % @ 1 % False rejection rate, Face recognition pass speed is less than 1 sec.
> Supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask.
> Comes with industrial grade binocular wide dynamic camera with Infrared and dual fill light.
> Support Human body temperature detection and display from a distance of 1 meters with 0.3 Degree Centigrade detection error, support automatic alarm for body temperature abnormally, with fast detection speed, support export of attendance temperature measurement’s real-time data.
> Support to add various peripherals such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, 2D Bar-code reader, etc.
> Support system-level, APP offline-level, APP + background network-level multiple AP docking, complete documentation, support for secondary development.