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Nano touch folio is consisting of two thin films sandwiched between the grid matrix composed of a layer of X and Y axes crisscrossing the nanowire layers. Each matrix unit could sense a hand touch. The touch signal is transmitted to the microchip controller which relates to the Nanowire, and the microcontroller is transmitted to the computer through the interface, and the computer identifies the position of the touch on the screen. This is a revolutionary change in human-computer interaction.

•    Any touch from 6-64 real point

•     Super light resistance can work normally under the sunshine
•    Support custom matrix calibration, precise positioning

•    Available from: 30” to 103”

•    Support “part area touch function”

•    Support multiple screen compatibility

•    Support seamless jointing of multiple screens
•    Support hardware detection function
•    Available: 15”-500” Multi-Touch Infrared/IR Touch Open Frame Monitor

•    Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10/ Mac OS X, Linux & Android

•    Colour: Black

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