Video wall – Wall mounting

Radiant Synage’s Video wall mount designs have robust specifications and enables ease of installation and operation.

We provide a wide range of mounting options for Video wall, depending on the requirement of a Flush, Portable, Curved or even a Custom Mount; without any lengthy, expensive and time consuming design and building modifications.

Radiant’s Mounting System features six-axis adjustments for perfect alignment in any array and for all types of wall mount configuration, Horizontal, Vertical and Asymmetrical Brackets to ensure each mount is perfectly spaced between the other screens in the video wall.

The Video Wall Mounts are designed to create stunning and precise tiled images with the thinnest video walls and support unlimited stacking height and the weight of the displays are distributed evenly.

These are the special features:

  • Precise Tile Alignment
  • Lateral shift allows TV to slide left and right for perfect placement
  • Pop-out & quick lock function provides easy installation and maintenance or replacement
  • Simplified Service.
  • Built-in level adjustment ensures seamless alignment and perfect positioning.
  • Protects displays by removing the possibility of accidental pop-outs.


  • Outdoor conforming IP standards
  • Indoor
  • Wayfinding
    • Interactive
    • Standard
  • 3D Hologram
  • Touch Interactives
  • Fling