Digital signage helps you improve your engagement with your customers. Customers can save their time and efforts by getting targeted information that they are looking for.

It increases your reach with the customers, reduces your costs dramatically and helps in increasing revenues.

Given below are a few illustrative examples of businesses where Digital Signage helps your business by bringing in more customer engagement and WOW! factor.

Shopping Malls

  • Huge digital video wall screens in different shapes
  • Crowd navigation in a mall
  • Interesting information and flash offerings from partner-stores
  • Additional advertising revenue stream
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Retail

  • Interactive content to improve customer engagement
  • Draw customer’s attention to a product
  • Inform about new arrivals, special offers and discounts
  • Additional income stream through advertising
  • Out of home Advertising

  • Most cost-effective OOH experience
  • Zero set-up time
  • Flexible display of products depending on time or weather
  • Can enable contents from multiple advertisers.
  • Reduced cost on consumables
  • Public Transportation

  • Opportunity to broadcast before a captive audience
  • Location-based advertising messages can be streamed
  • Additional advertising revenue
  • Corporate networks

  • Enhanced internal communication creates a positive work environment
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Healthcare

  • Interactive information kiosks for Queuing
  • Digital entertainment media
  • Hospitality

  • Interactive communication with guests through touch-screen display in rooms
  • Information and entertainment in lobbies and lounge areas on giant video walls.
  • Restaurants

    Digital menu boards, interactive digital kiosks

    Dealers Outlets

    Whether it’s a car dealership, white goods, mobiles, personal computers and consumer electronics store; it is an easier and far more informative and effective way to exhibit the product features through dynamic digital signage.